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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

ETUC Day of Action

We marked the European Trade Union Confederation’s (ETUC) day of action today with members gathering in the city centre to pull on the belt of a ‘real’ fat cat. The aim was to send a clear message that the public should not be left to pay the price for the bankers’ mistakes. And not just the bankers. The government should be closing down the tax avoidance scams that allow corporate Britain to avoid their tax responsibilities.

Despite the wet weather there was a good turn out of activists and plenty of media photographers for a very visual way of getting our message over. Plenty of fun with shoppers as well as our 'fat cat' played up to the part!

The stunt links with the launch of UNISON Scotland’s Tell A Pal initiative, which urges members to spread the word that there is a real alternative to the cuts and privatisation agenda. We handed out copies of the Tell A Pal leaflet which feature four key messages covering cuts in services, fair taxation and the economic impact of cuts on the local economy.

A range of materials to help members Tell A Pal are available on our website. The idea is to mobilise our members to spread the message using word of mouth and social media links.

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