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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Election Manifesto

UNISON Scotland will today launch our manifesto for the Scottish Elections in May.

In past years we would have pulled this document together from our bank of policy positions over a period of months. This time we decided to do it differently. We started our manifesto project some 18 months ago by identifying twelve core issues for UNISON members. Some broad issues and others more service specific. We encouraged activists to sign up to network groups on each issue and promoted a debate amongst members through our web site and in our publications. We have used the output from these groups to input into the political party manifesto processes, some being more open than others, and contributing to wider debate across civic society on these issues.

So the document we are publishing today (available on our website) is more the culmination of the process than a starting point.

As we say in the introduction, our vision for Scotland is different. Public services are part of the fabric of our society. An attack on those services is an attack, not on unions or workers, but on society itself. We set out a different approach, one that is rooted in our members deep understanding and commitment to those public services. 


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