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Sunday, 27 March 2011

March for the Alternative

Really amazing turnout yesterday at the TUC march for the alternative in London. Long day for most of the Scots who made the journey. 4:30am for those on our train and back by 1am, but everyone I spoke to felt the effort was worthwhile.

Our train arrived late, but we managed to squeeze into the march and got to Hyde Park in time for the main speeches. I thought all the speakers got it about right. Sharp message with a real focus on the alternative to the Con-Dem coalition policies that are wrecking the country. We then got a drink and as we made our way back to the tube for our train there were still people starting the march. That's nearly five hours later!

On the right hand side of the UNISON Scotland banner were a group of pensioners who decided to come when they were told their day centre opening days are to be cut. On the left a group of young children with their family protesting about cuts in their school. Far from the 'usual suspects' and this is before the really big cuts fully kick in.

I was pleasantly surprised how so many people understood that there is an alternative. In particular cracking down on the tax dodgers. Now we have to keep plugging away at every level until the millionaires in the Cabinet get the message that their tax dodging pals have to pay their fair share too.

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