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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Veolia and water privatisation

The world’s largest water and sewage service provider is Veolia. This firm is also the biggest advocate for water privatisation worldwide. It is important for Scotland because it would love to get its hands on Scottish Water. Building on their less than successful foothold with a PFI sewage scheme bought from Thames Water. There is a good analysis of Veolia's variable record at Powerbase.

The US consumer advocacy group Food & Water Watch has published a report Veolia Environnement: A Profile of the World’s Largest Water Service CorporationThis report shows how the public backlash against Veolia’s attempts to dominate the water services market has undermined the company’s revenues with an 11% drop in operating income in its water division.

Veolia has focused its water and sewage activities over the next three years to expand its presence in Europe and Asia. Meanwhile, customers across the globe suffer water shortages, skyrocketing rates and irregular billing practices under Veolia Environnement’s service. Some communities, such as Paris, France have ended their relationships with Veolia early, realising the potential cost savings under public operation.

If there is anyone left in Scotland who thinks water privatisation is a good idea - read this report.

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