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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Panorama and the care industry

Last night's Panorama was a shocking example of abuse in a private residential unit for people with learning disabilities and autism.

It is one of many stories about the privatisation of care that I have highlighted in a blog this morning on the UNISON Scotland site. This all adds up to an urgent need to review our approach to care in Scotland in the context of a population that will be increasingly dependent on care. 

Let us be clear, there are thousands of dedicated care workers in the public, private and voluntary sector. Incidents such as those highlighted in last night's programme are thankfully the exception.

However, looking at the cases that cross my desk as head of legal services in recent years, I have become increasingly concerned over the treatment of staff and the impact on care. There are too many cases of very poor treatment of staff in the private and the commercial end of the third sector. If staff are treated badly then it must have an impact on the quality of care.

All of this means we should take a careful look at care policy in Scotland and the UK.

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  1. Hello
    I myself am finished with the care industry in the UK. I have a qualification in care work and have also studied Dementia awareness. No one wants to know.. I have sent off my cv, been to interviews, called nursing homes..left messages, no replies.. Worked for home care agencies who didn't pay me.. Now I've gone into catering and I love it!! It's a shame because I really wanted to care..Managers in care should get their act together