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Friday, 26 February 2010

Gordon Brown

The Prime Minister was in Glasgow last night at the end of a tough week personally, but politically one in which there are signs that Labour is narrowing the gap on the Tories at UK level. He also had a good story to tell to the Scottish Labour audience given by-election successes and a strong poll rating, well ahead of the SNP and the Tories.

Given the seemingly endless media drivel about Gordon’s personality, it was good to see the Prime Minister in a relaxed and positive mood. Perhaps because I usually see him in settings when he is amongst friends, I see a different personality from that portrayed in the media. Last night there was genuine humour, but also a real passion about his decisions during the economic crisis and his concern for the human impact on workers and communities.

I don’t always agree with the Prime Minister tactically, but I have never doubted his commitment to Labour values. The audience last night were left in no doubt of where he stands and they responded warmly to both the message and the man.

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