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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Management consultants update

Our story on management consultants got very wide coverage today.

I particularly liked this comment on the Scotsman site:

"The la Bonbon Public Affairs Consultancy stands ready to assist our councils and quangos to develop new and discreet area-focused methodologies to downsize their expenditure on external consultants. With our renowned holistic goldfish bowl facilitated webinars and joined up situational thought shower-focused engagement facilitation competencies, my associates and I will soon re-weave your revenue streams and revitalise stakeholder blue-sky thinking outside the box, achieving transformational rebaselining of the bottom line. Ask about our discounts for cash."

As someone who has had to sit through many a jargon ridden presentation by consultants this says it all. My particular hate is "human capital". No, workers are real people not some accountancy spin off!

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