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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Culture and Sport Glasgow

UNISON members at Culture and Sport Glasgow (CSG) are on strike over the holiday weekend.

CSG runs libraries, sports centres, museums and community centres across Glasgow. It was established at ‘arms length’ from Glasgow City Council to obtain a tax advantage, to draw in private money and grants from charitable trusts. It has singularly failed to live up to the promises it made. Users experience has been one of cuts in service ranging from reduced staffing to cuts in opening hours. As a consequence there has been very strong public support for the dispute, with people queueing to sign the workers petition.

Having made a mess of the finances they are now attacking the workforce. Our members are fighting a 10% wage cut for 150 workers, a pay freeze for all other staff and cuts in public holidays and overtime rates. Glasgow UNISON is calling on people to support their case by sending protest emails to Bridget McConnell, CSG Chief Executive at and to Glasgow City Councillor Liz Cameron, Chair CSG Board.

And to those councils who are considering transferring their leisure services to a trust - learn from the Glasgow experience. It is a very bad idea!

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