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Monday, 26 April 2010

Hope not Hate Scotland

Today is the Hope not Hate day of action against the BNP and other far right parties in the UK general election.

We are fortunate that the BNP has a tiny footprint in Scotland. But that is no reason for complacency and they have to be challenged whenever they appear - such as the recent EDL/SDL ‘events’ in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

More anti-BNP events have been organised in this election that before because decent Scots are determined that the BNP’s message of hate should not develop in Scotland as it has in some parts of England. We have focussed on our own members and supporting activity in the handful of seats the BNP are contesting.

There has also been something of a fallout amongst the small number of fascists actually based in Scotland with three of their planned candidates pulling out. That has brought Scott McLean back to stand in Glasgow North-West where I was this lunchtime. The BNP try to portray a new smart image – fascism in a suit. Their problem is that McLean and his ilk just remind everyone what they are really like behind the glossy veneer. A quick search through YouTube will show you a clip of McLean giving Nazi salutes and more.

UNISON Scotland believes in a dynamic and inclusive multicultural society, one that values all its members equally, irrespective of their race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or disability. UNISON represents everybody - the BNP does not.

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