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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Refugee Week Scotland

This is Refugee Week Scotland 2010. There are over 100 events happening across Scotland that celebrate the cultural diversity refugees bring to Scotland. UNISON Scotland is a supporter of Refugee Week as part of our opposing racism programme.

For most of us a journey abroad is a matter of choice, usually a very welcome one. However, refugees are forced to travel, as they flee their country of origin to seek refuge and a new home, in Scotland. The story of many of these journeys are told by refugees and their families. The stories of children torn away from their communities, often because of violence, are particularly poignant.

The programme of events includes theatre, film and exhibitions that reflect the wide range of cultures refugees come from. Particularly important are community events that help refugees and local people come together to share experiences. We may have shared pasts - but we share a common future.

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