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Tuesday, 1 June 2010


A turbulent start for the Con-Dem coalition over the weekend with the resignation of David Laws. As a consequence we also have a quick change as Secretary of State for Scotland with Michael Moore replacing Danny Alexander.

Like most people I am heartily bored with the Torygraph dragging every last bit of value from their investment in the expenses leak. Not to mention their less than balanced presentation. However, it is a bit rich for Lib-Dem's, like the former spin doctor on TV this morning, to complain about the revelations. If you make a election pitch, as Nick Clegg did, that we are different implying that the expenses scandal was a product of the 'old politics', then you must expect a bit of scrutiny. Not least if you take up a key financial portfolio in the cabinet.

So most people will agree that it is time to move on from this issue, but equally hypocrisy will always go down badly. As the old saying goes, "people in glass houses should not throw stones".

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